Cognitive stimulation

Smartbrain is an interactive program for doing cognitive stimulation with proven therapeutic efficacy for treating any case of cognitive impairment.

Cognitive stimulation is the term applied to any set of non-pharmacological practices done in an ordered and systematic way with persons suffering any kind of cognitive impairment (mild cognitive impairment – MCI, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons’s, ictus, brain damage, etc.), whose objective is to maintain or even restore the cognitive skills which still remain in the affected person.

There is a wide consensus among the scientific community about the efficacy of the cognitive stimulation practices, and about the convenience of applying it in any case of cognitive impairment as a complement of the treatmetn based on drugs.

The scientific foundation upon which this recommendation is based is the evidence of the existence of neuroplasticiy within the brain of not only the aging people, but also of the people suffering a cognitive impairment. This neuroplasticity is defined as the response capacity that has the brain to adapt itself to new situations and to restore its equilibrium after suffering an injury.

Based on this scientific evidence, the main goal of any cognitive stimulation practice is to empower the cognitive skills of the patient and to slow down the progression of the cognitive impairment, with the objective of maintaining the residual skills for as long as possible, or even of restoring the lost skills.

Simultaneously, the cognitive stimulation practice also aims at achieving other objectives, such as: maintain or improve the quality of life of the affected person, empower his/her autonomy and self-steem, foster his/her activity and interaction, reduce the anxiety, maintaing the human dignity, etc.

Based on all these facts, Smartbrain has been developed upon the posibilities offered by the Internet, the new information technologies and their growing acceptance by everyone, in order to provide with an interactive program for cognitive stimulation, fun, effective and practical, with which the great benefits of the cognitive stimulation can be reached in a shorter term.

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