How it works

Smartbrain is very easy and userfriendly to use, thanks to the interrelation between its two working areas: the tutors’ and the users’, which make it possible to adapt and personalize its use to any individual need of cognitive stimulation.

The tutors’ working area

This area allows the tutors (the care-giver, the specialist or the relative looking after the use of the program by the users), to define and manage the cognitive stimulation plans that are executed by the users, and to adapt them permanently to the their individual needs.

With the help of the tools available in this working area, the tutors can define any personalized cognitive stimulation plan, by the combination of the activities available, their difficulty levels, the number of exercises to be done, the work-out time, the language, etc.

The tutors can define as many different stimulation plans as they need, without limitation, and personalize them to be adapted to the specific needs and evolution of each user.

This working area also allows the tutors to check at any moment the execution of the stimulation plans and the results achieved by the users, in order to track them and to adapt the plans to their performance.

The users’ working area

This area presents automatically to the users the exercises that have been set for them by their tutors, registers the use of the program, records the results achieved, and adapts automatically the difficulty levels to the performance in case it is needed.

Through this area the users execute their exercises using the mouse or a touch-screen, following simple and clear audio and written instructions.

There is no limitation to the number of tutors and/or users that can use Smartbrain, which depends only on the type of license acquired. In the options of use section you can find all the information about the alternatives available to fit your need.

Ask now for your free trial of Smartbrain to check by yourself how userfriendly Smartbrain is for both individuals and professionals. And if you want know more, contact us by phone: (+34) 609 792 358, or by e-mail: