Options of use

Smartbrain, on top of being very userfriendly and easy to use, is available with several options of use to fit any family or corporate need: it can be used on-line, or by installing it in a WindowsOS computer.


Smartbrain Web is the option for using the program on-line, through the Internet, with any computer, tablet or mobile device, from anywhere you are, 24h x 7d.

This is the best option for the day-care centers, nursing homes, medical centers, residences, families, etc. who prefer to use the program on-line, who need to access to the program from several different computers and/or locations, who want to give access to the program to distant people, or who need to track its use by people at different sites.

Smartbrain Web allows the use of the program by one or many tutors and/or users, without limitation of number, and it does not require any program installation or maintenance, as it works in the cloud, from our servers.

The cost of using Smartbrain Web is variable, depending on the number users, in a SaaS mode (software as a service), from just 20 euros/user/month. In the “Buy now” section you will find the details of its cost and the form for acquiring the license to use it.


Smartbrain Windows is the option of use that allows the installation of the program in a WindowsOS computer, and to use it with one or several different users.

This is the best option for the cases where a nursing home, a residence, a day-care center, a specialized center, etc. has no good access to the Internet, or where having the program installed vs. using it on-line is the preferred choice.

The installation of Smartbrain Windows is done with the file sent via e-mail, and there are two purchasing alternatives based on the number of users needed:

  • Smartbrain Multi: allows the use of Smartbrain with several different and replaceable users, which facilitates to adapt the installation of the program to the number of users and/or computers available
  • Smartbrain Home: is the alternative that allows the use of the program with just one user, ideal in the cases of use in-home with the help of a relative or a caregiver

In both cases it is possible to buy the license of use for 1, 2 or 3 years, with a cost from just 7,50 euros/user/month. In the “Buy now” section you will find the prices for the different installation options available, as well as the purchasing forms.

For further information about the options of use of Smartbrain, contact us by phone: (+34) 609792358; or by e-mail: info@smartbrain.es