Smartbrain Windows

Smartbrain Windows is the option of use that allows the installation of the program in a WindowsOS computer, and to use it with one or several different users.

This is the best option for the cases where a nursing home, a residence, a day-care center, a specialized center, etc. has no good access to the Internet, or where having the program installed vs. using it on-line is the preferred choice.

The installation of Smartbrain Windows is done with a file sent via e-mail, and there are two purchasing options depending on the number of users who will use the program:

  • Smartbrain Multi: allows the use of Smartbrain with several different and replaceable users, which facilitates to adapt the installation of Smartbrain to the number of computers available and/or the number of users who will use the program
  • Smartbrain Home: is the option that allows the use of the program with just one user, ideal in the cases of use in-home, with the help of a relative or a caregiver

In both cases it is possible to buy the license of use for 1, 2 or 3 years, with a cost from just 7,50 euros/patient/month, according to the selling prices show in the table below

Smartbrain Windows# usersLicense 1 yearLicense 2 yearsLicense 3 years
Smartbrain Home199 €199 €299€
Smartbrain Multi5Up to 5449 €899 €1299€
Smartbrain Multi10Up to 10899 €1798€2697€

If you wish to buy Smartbrain Multi just call us at: (+34) 609 792 358 or send us an e-mail to: or fill up the purchasing form available at the “Buy now” section