Smartbrain, in any of its options of use, is a very affordable program that offers the best value for your money

Price of the license for using Smartbrain Web

The cost of use of Smartbrain Web is variable, as it depends on the number of users, in a SaaS mode (software as a service), from just 20 euros/user/month, or a monthly flat fee.

When you purchase a license for using Smartbrain Web you don´t pay nothing up front, and you receive right away the username and password keys that allow you to enter the program and start using it for registering your users and assigning to them their personalized cognitive stimulation working plans.

Prices of Smartbrain Windows

In the case you want to use the program by installing it in a WindowsOS computer, you can not only choose the number of patientes with whom you will use it, but also the time duration of the licenseç: 1, 2 or 3 years, which allows you to adjust your investment to the expected use of the program, with these prices:


Number of users

1 year

2 years

3 years

Smartbrain Home


99 €

199 €

299 €

Smartbrain Multi5

Up to 5

449 €

899 €

1299 €

Smartbrain Multi10

Up to 10

899 €

1798 €

2697 €

Smartbrain Multi20

Up to 20

1799 €

3599 €

5399 €

All these prices are set in euros, ex-VAT. They result in monthly cost per-user that make of Smartbrain Windows a very affordable option, offering you a great value for your money.

When you buy any of these options you receive the installation file by e-mail. Each license allows the installation of the program in one computer, and its use for the numer of years purchased. At the end of the period you have the choice to renew the installation, in which case you receive a new installation file, with these advantages:
  • Adaptation of the number of patients: With the renewal of the license you can change the number of patients allowed with your installation, to adjust your investment to your real need. And remember that the patients are interchangeable.
  • Update of the version and contents of the programWhen you renew your installation you receive a new file featuring all the improvements and updates done into the program until that moment.
  • Without any obligation: At the end of the time period of the license purchased there is no obligation to renew it.

If you wish to receive further information about Smartbrain Web, Smartbrain Home or Smartbrain Multi, or you want to buy any of them, just call us by phone at: (+34) 609 792 358; send us an e-mail to:; or fill up the purchasing forms available at “Buy now!”