What’s Smartbrain?

Welcome to Smartbrain, the cognitive stimulation program to prevent and treat the loss of mental abilities and fight dementia.

Smartbrain is an interactive cognitive stimulation program developed with a solid scientific basis, with the advice of scientists from Fundació ACE and the University of Pittsburgh.

It is a powerful therapeutic tool with which to care for and treat any case of cognitive impairment, such as: aging, dementia disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, etc.), supervening cause (stroke, brain damage, etc.), intellectual disability, Down syndrome, chronification of diseases such as AIDS or cancer, side effect of COVID19, etc.

Smartbrain offers an effective means of non-pharmacological therapy with which to treat any case of cognitive impairment, complementing its treatment with drugs, since its therapeutic efficacy is scientifically proven.

Smartbrain currently offers more than 100,000 cognitive stimulation exercises, with multiple levels of difficulty to address any type and degree of cognitive impairment, and in several languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, Italian, Swedish and Hebrew, which allow to do a personalized cognitive stimulation practice to strengthen all cognitive skills:

  • Memory
  • Language
  • Math
  • Attention
  • Recognition
  • Orientation
  • Executive functions

The english version of Smartbrain can be used online with any computer, tablet or smartphone connected to the Internet, anytime and anywhere.

Thus, one of the great advantages of Smartbrain is that you don´t need to buy any specific device or hardware to use it, nor possess any special skill or knowledge. Anyone can use it in a very intuitive, userfriendly and practical way.

Ask now for your free trial of Smartbrain to get to know by yourself how practical and effective is the Smartbrain Program. And if you want know more, contact us by phone: (+34) 609 792 358, or by e-mail: info@smartbrain.es