For individuals

Smartbrain is a great tool to be used by individuals, as it makes it very easy to do cognitive stimulation exercises comfortably from home, with any computer or tablet and, if needed, with the help of a family member or caregiver, thus avoiding having to go to a specialized center, with all the associated logistics and inconvenience.

Where better to care for your affected family member than in your own home?

With Smartbrain, the specialists who takes care of the diagnosis and treatment of the affected person can manage and supervise, from their office or work center, the cognitive stimulation plan, as well as make a daily and detailed follow-up of its execution and the results achieved.

Smartbrain effectively slows down the process of loss of mental abilities suffered by the affected person, helping him/her to maintain his/her personal autonomy and quality of life for a longer period of time. Thus, Smartbrain also helps family members to maintain their daily habits for a longer period of time, and not be conditioned by the needs of caring for the affected family member, while also maintaining their quality of life.

Thanks to Smartbrain you not only take care of the affected person, but also of his or her family, and the caregivers.

By effectively slowing down the impairment process, and maintaining personal autonomy for a longer period of time, Smartbrain also helps to move away the moment when the affected person becomes totally dependent on third parties and needs to be institutionalized in a specialized center.

Using Smartbrain also helps to save costs associated with the care of affected persons. Not only does it allow them to perform their cognitive stimulation exercises comfortably at home, without the need to travel, but also, by helping them to maintain their autonomy and quality of life for longer, it reduces the costs associated with the necessary care: accompaniment by a caregiver, technical aids, medication, etc.

In addition, the Smartbrain Program is very economical, as it is available for individuals from only 9.95€ per month.

In the options of use section you have all the information about the alternatives available for individuals.

Ask now for your free trial of Smartbrain to check by yourself how userfriendly Smartbrain is for individuals. And if you want know more, contact us by phone: (+34) 609 792 358, or by e-mail: